Roll-/ Cargotrailers

Roll-/ Cargotrailers

The Cargo Trailer System - a fast and economic means of transportation in ports and industry

MAFI roll / cargo trailers are used to transport various goods in maritime and industrial applications. Depending upon the application, a transport system can handle payloads of up to 250 tons. Roll- / Cargotrailers are built for standard 20', 30' or 40' container sizes, however, custom-sized trailers in all possible lengths and widths are also feasible.

Various options are available to suit each specific transport situation. The loading platform can be covered with wood or steel, or even without any surface. Twistlocks, stanchions, lashing rings or locating pins complete the program. Roll / Cargo trailers are generally delivered with solid rubber tires, but SE (super elastic) tires are also possible. The addition of coils beds also allows the trailers to transport steel coils.

Because Roll / Cargotrailers are so easy to handle, they are being used more and more in the industrial sector. Many customers decide to invest in a Roll / Cargotrailer system because they are cost-effective to purchase and allow for an uncomplicated storage of goods.

The advantages of the Cargo Trailer System are obvious:

  • Simple one-man operation
  • Fast automatic coupling
  • Extremely robust
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Economic transportation and storage
  • Triples transport capacity of the tow tracto

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