Terminal and RoRo Tractors

MAFI produces diesel and electric tractors with hydraulically operated 5th wheel couplings for internal transport in seaports, industry logistics and distribution. The tractors are available with a 5th wheel lifting capacity of up to 45 t and system loads of up to 250 t can be handled.

Terminal-Tractor T 230

electric Terminal Tractor T 230e

Electric-Terminal-Tractor T 230e

Terminal-Tractor T 230 propane

Distribution-Tractor T 225 D

Terminal Trac T 230 F

Terminal-Tractor T 230 F

RoRo-Tractor R 332/ R 336

RoRo Trac R 332 Z

RoRo-Tractor R 332 Z

Heavy-Duty-Tractor HD 445

HD 445 Z

Heavy-Duty-Tractor HD 445 Z

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