Distribution-Tractor T 225 D

Your Tractor with long wheel base

The T 225 D distribution tractor is used especially for moving semi-trailers in distribution and logistics centers.

The long wheelbase of 3,500 mm allows for significantly more free space between the semi-trailer and the driver's cab.

As a result, the brake and power supply connections for the semi-trailer can be made faster. The driver works safely, comfortably and effectively, without ever leaving the vehicle platform. Low coupling heights can be guaranteed by the use of the appropriate tires.

Using the tractor to lift the coupled semitrailer hydraulically eliminates the time-consuming raising and lowering of the trailer’s support feet. As a result, the T 225 D can move 3 – 4x more semitrailers than a conventional road tractor.

Main features:

 3,500 mm wheelbase
• Hydraulically liftable fifth wheel
• Spacious cabin
• Cabin ROPS/FOPS certified
• Best possible all-round visibility
• Selection of state-of-the-art, high-performance engines
• Low maintenance
• Maximum operating life
• Low total cost
• Small turning radius
• Engine and transmission designed for logistic centers and industry

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