RoRo-Tractor R 332 Z

Tractor with ballast weight

The tractor R 332 Z is used to transport large and heavy loads with drawbar trailers.
It is mainly used in the steel and other heavy industries.

In order to ensure proper traction of the tractor, a ballast weight designed according to the expected payload is mounted on the vehicle.
Brake and electric connections for the trailer are mounted next to the trailer hitch.
Different towbars are available according to the payload.

Main Features

  • With or without hydraulically operated fifth wheel
  • Components protected and centrally installed
  • Swivel seat with logical change of the steering and driving direction with the highest possible ease of use
  • Tilt-adjustable steering wheel
  • Spacious driver's cab with rear sliding and side doors
  • Best possible all-round visibility
  • Cab ROPS certified
  • Air-suspended rear axle active up to 20 tons
  • New technologies from well-known and proven manufacturers
  • Easiest maintenance and repair
  • Multi-Function Display

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