Heavy-Duty-Tractor HD 445 Z

Heavy-Duty-Tractor HD 445 Z

The tractor HD 445 Z is mainly used in steelworks, foundries and other heavy industry.

Eco-friendly Volvo engines with outputs of up to 315kW ensure the smooth transport of payloads of up to 250 tons. When used in combination with a ballast weight, the HD 445 Z tractor can pull even greater loads on drawbar trailers.

The HD 445 tractor combines a comfortable workspace with state-of-the-art equipment. The use of well-known quality components ensures that the tractor is always ready for operation.

The vibration insulated mounting of the ROPS / FOPS-certified cab contributes to better ride quality by reducing both vibration and noise.

Main features

  • Components protected and centrally installed
  • Swivel seat with logical change of the steering and driving direction with the highest possible ease of use
  • Tilt-adjustable steering wheel
  • Spacious driver's cab with rear sliding and side doors
  • Best possible all-round visibility
  • Cabin ROPS/FOPS certified
  • Air-suspended rear axle active up to 20 tons
  • New technologies from well-known and proven manufacturers
  • Easiest maintenance and repair
  • Multi-Function Display

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