Forklift Goosenecks GSH 10 LK, SK & HK / GSH 10 & 16 Standard

Forklift Goosenecks

To move roll pallets safely with a forklift truck, a gooseneck (GSH) designed for this purpose can be used. With this system, payloads of up to 50 tons can be transported. 

A rollpalette can be maneuvered within in a confined space by inserting and lifting the nose of the GSH into the coupling tunnel of the rollpalette.

This simple transport principle enables many companies to handle their internal logistics safely, quickly and above all cost-effectively.

Forklift goosenecks are available in different types. They are either secured with a manual pin lock or with the more comfortable solution that is available for lift trucks with hydraulically adjustable forks. The maximum lifting capacity for these goosenecks is 16 tons.

The forklift pockets are customized at the time of order to the specifications of the forklift truck with which it will be used.

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