Goosenecks for Tractors SH 36 / SH 45 / C-Hook

Goosenecks for Tractors

A MAFI gooseneck is used to move Roll / Cargo trailers.

The gooseneck can be either removable or fixed. A detachable gooseneck is only mounted onto the tractor when needed, whereas a fixed gooseneck is built into the Roll / Cargo trailer. The gooseneck selection takes place after the fifth wheel load of the tractor has been decided upon.

The maximum load capacity of the SH 36 is 36,000 kg and for the SH 45 it is 45,000 kg. This allows for the transport of loads of over 200 tons.

The nose of the gooseneck is inserted into the coupling tunnel on the Roll- / Cargotrailers. The coupling is locked into place automatically when the gooseneck is lifted. This ensures safe transport.

To park the gooseneck, MAFI has a specially designed park box available. The gooseneck can be safely parked when it is not needed, so that the tractor can be used for other transport tasks.

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